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Abstract Structure

LV Switchgear

ATS & Synchronization Panels

Automatic Transfer Switches & Synchronization panels are used to avoid power interruption to the installation even in case of failure of the main power supply. An Auto Mains Failure system provided by an ATS can intelligently switch over power flow from the main source to a stand-by source & vice versa, depending upon the availability of power through the main source. A synchronization panel comprises of automatic circuit breakers along with synchronization relays & load sharing relays.


Up to 6300A at 690V, 50Hz

Short Circuit Rating

50kA 3sec / 85kA 1sec and, 100kA 1sec

Type of Construction:

Up to Form 4B, IP54, provided with motorized Circuit breakers (ACB / MCCB) or Contactors with Front & Rear or Front access options and suitable relays for ATS or Synchronization application.

Operating Ambient Temperature:

Up to 50°C

ATS & Synchronization Panels.PNG
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