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Busbar Trunking System

Busbar Trunking System is a prefabricated electrical distribution system consisting of busbars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices and accessories. We provide Busbar Trunking System up to 6300A along with Installation, Testing & commissioning services.

GAMA Engineering is an authorised distributor partner of Schneider Electric range of busways from 40A to 6300A.  Few of the salient features of the product range are:

  • All the ratings from 400A to 6300A are type tested by IEC accredited independent lab for compliance to IEC61439-6

  • KEMA-KEUR mark on the product to guarantee the production standards

  • Available in various configurations including 3L+50% PE, 3L+100%N+50% PE

  • No "Chimney Effect" achieved due to closing off of air spaces inside the housing. This prevents the spread of smoke & gases in the event of a fire.

  • Uses copper bars of 99.97% purity and silver-plated throughout length

  • Minimized surface oxygenation, ensures low surface contact resistance & low voltage drop

  • Reliable and Halogen-free insulation of Class B (130 °C)

  • Class F (155 °C) also available

  • Galvanised sheet steel housing for more durability & rigidity

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