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Engineering Services

Commissioning Management for
Electro-Mechanical Systems

The main objective of Commissioning Management is to manage the overall commissioning activities, which is vital to the success of any project. GAMA Engineering can offer a full Commissioning Management service covering all Building Services in line with CIBSE Commissioning Management Code & respective IEC standards.

The Commissioning Team needs to be involved as early as possible in the project to ensure that the design is commissionable and ensure the services installations progress in line to ensure systems are ready to commission. GAMA Engineering provides professional Commissioning team to fulfill such a demanding role for Electrical and Mechanical Systems.

Our Commissioning Management Team provide a truly effective addition to the client's own Project Team by influencing the activities of all stakeholders involved in order to make the installation operate successfully by:

•     Check installation drawings for commission ability
•     Preparing co-ordinate Commissioning Programmers
•     Monitor the installations during construction
•     Pre Commissioning and commissioning witnessing
•     Witness all commissioning and testing activities for systems and equipment
•     Co-ordination of performance testing
•     Collation of all commissioning and test results
•     Co-ordination and facilitating training of the client

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