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Discrimination Studies for Electrical Network

The purpose of discrimination in an electrical distribution system is to disconnect only the faulty load or feeder from the network and ensure the continuity of power flow to the healthy part of the installation. It is an especially important concept for high-power equipment since this is generally located at the head of the installation and therefore has even greater consequences in the event of false tripping.

Discrimination is said to be TOTAL, if it is assured irrespective of the value of the fault current, up to the maximum value available in the installation. If this is not the case, it is said to be PARTIAL.

The faults encountered in an installation are of different types:

  • Overload

  • Short-circuit

  • Earth Fault


Our well-trained team of engineers carry out discrimination studies of new or existing installation using ECODIAL and customized software tools. Our team is capable and effective in implementation of proposals of discrimination studies

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