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Building Automation

Guest Room Management System

The ideal guest (hotel) room is one where the guest is at utmost peace, with top-notch, easy to operate facilities that not only factors into the guest-experience but also benefits the hotel operator by increasing the building efficiency and performance.

But often catering to greater expectations leads to greater expenditure.

The Guest Room Management System is the perfect combination of exceptional guest experience and optimized energy consumption exist. Through multiple integrations between devices, systems and layers in a single network; increasing the customer comfort and building operation efficiency is easily achievable. For example, various scenarios such as, welcome, living, studying and sleeping can be created that moderate the room facilities like HVAC, lighting, curtain, and security adaptively based on the occupant’s activity.

Our GRMS solutions offered can be customized to be standalone, wired, wireless solutions and also integration with the Building Management System and Property Management System.

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