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Abstract Structure

LV Switchgear

Motor Control Centres

Be it a Building or an Industrial application, the Motors are an integral & significant part of the electrical loads. The Motor Control Centers are required to operate motors at the installation. Every motor load is configured to switch ON/OFF as per the pre-defined engineering conditions. The outgoing feeders in an MCC perform the Switching & starting of motors through one of the type of starting methodologies available.


Up to 4000A at 690V, 50Hz

Short Circuit Rating

50kA 3sec / 85kA 1sec and, 100kA 1sec

Type of Construction:

Up to Form 4B, IP54, Fixed or Withdrawable construction with Front & Rear / Front access options. Available with DOL/Star-Delta/VFD / Soft Starter feeders as per Type2 coordination, as applicable. Control Panels for switching of individual motor loads in internal (IP42) or external application (IP65) are also available.

Operating Ambient Temperature:

Upto 50°C

Type Test Certification:

Type tested up to 4000A rating, 100kA 1sec, for compliance to IEC 61439 - 1 & 2, Ed.3

Motor Control Centers.PNG
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