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5 Reasons Your Home Needs To Be Smart

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The big 5 S’s to why you need to upgrade your home now.

ᴀɴᴏᴜsᴋᴀ sᴀʜᴀʀᴏʏ, ɴᴏᴠ 𝟶𝟺, 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟶


While the beginnings of a smart home may be tinted with luxury or trend, it’s safe to say that it’s amongst the lifestyle choices that’s on its way to becoming the norm. With the ongoing growth in building smarter cities, a smart home is but amongst the first few steps in that process. And albeit the records show the rise of home automation in the past 5 years, in ideal theory it began the minute we decided there was an easier way to get a job done or produce results - light bulbs - or just lighting - are the best examples of how “automation” has progressed through the years.

If you’re in mind’s splits on what’s the big deal about smart homes, here are 5 pillars of smart homes that should answer your doubts.

1. Savings

Smart homes aren’t just saving your efforts and providing ease but with the integration of technology in your devices, you save up on energy and ultimately your costs. You’re able to monitor your consumption, habits and operations through various insights, allowing you to make necessary changes, address any problem areas and control consumption costs in an informed manner. Some home automations systems take it a step further with features that can be programmed to set limits to energy consumptions or even take action to do the same.

2. Safety

Home automation systems bring along with it safety features for multiple aspects be it through alarms, lighting or even monitoring. One of easiest example would be the ability to switch off a forgotten geyser at home remotely, preventing any potential accidents. Or to be able to monitor your home or a loved one while you’re away or the motion sensors that have been turned on due to unexpected movement. Various home automation systems even send alert notifications in the case of system failures or even an unlocked door. A smart home allows you to stay connected to the working within home – from another home, office, city, country or room.

3. Sustainable

Be it the centralized control, remote access or operational insights, home automation systems is a pot of gold with an investment for the future. The increased energy efficiency not only helps cutting operational costs but inadvertently maintains your appliances health as well. On a larger scale, one’s individual energy consumption has its ripple effects in the world energy consumption.

4. Seamless

Whether it’s the existing devices or new – having it on the grid is easy as it gets. But it’s just not integration into the overall system that we’re referring to integration within devices. Seamless connection within; seamless connection to you.

5. Simple

While it’s easy to feel intimidated by the growing technology in home automation, the development is, on the contrary, making it easier to understand, incorporate and navigate. More systems are providing graphic dashboards with comprehensive data. The detailed reporting and segregation saves you the confusion of misinterpretation. Moreover, access to data has moved on to platforms available on our smart phones and tablets as well thereby making it easily accessible and portable. It’s not only making various operations easier but even the process to and after easier.

While making your home “smart” is an obvious reason for home automation, it deserves blatant mention quite simply due to the development of our concept of smart itself. The advancements made is a key indicator of its potential as well as its future integration. Smart homes are here to stay and thrive. Check out our smart home solutions online or get in touch with us to learn more about how our smart home technology can help upgrade your home or business.

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