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Brownfield, The Grass Is Still Green

Why your enterprise needs retrofitting done yesterday.

ᴀɴᴏᴜsᴋᴀ sᴀʜᴀʀᴏʏ, ᴊᴀɴ 14, 2021


When we speak of retrofitting, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest it synonymous with “upgrading”. In fact, in retrospect, if we were to look at the concept of retrofit, any sort of advancement or improvement in existing installations could be considered retrofitting. Replacing fluorescent bulbs with energy-saving bulbs is a retrofit. Introducing remote lighting control or IoT integrated lighting control systems is retrofitting. Retrofit by definition is to furnish something with new or modified components or accessories that it did not have originally when installed.

In terms of construction or buildings, there has been an exponentially growing demand for retrofitting – and rightly so. In just Dubai itself, an aim to retrofit 30,000 buildings by 2030 has been targeted - that’s 30% of the total number of building identified as needing retrofitting. Retrofitting allows older properties the chance to upgrade, improve and thrive through simple replacements, and contemporary integrations.

Investing in retrofitting your property is investing in

1. Reduced Operational Cost with Smarter Energy Consumption

Why do we bother replacing fluorescent bulbs with power-saving bulbs? Simple: For lesser power consumption. And we all have personally experienced the benefits of that switch. Now let’s take that switch; that benefit to larger scales across multiple operational facilities; systems; properties – the savings and control over energy consumption is significant. The new-age building management, energy management, property management, facilities management or for that manner any sort of automation system or management system is heavily integrated with real-time data-based technology. With the amalgam of data and analytics in an easily navigable and visual dashboard, one is equipped with greater informed insights on their energy consumption leading to better monitoring and controlling of the same. At the end of the day, smarter energy consumption always leads to lower energy cost.

2. Enhancing Property Life with Maintenance

It needs no convincing that maintenance leads to better a lifespan of anything any measure of life – people, objects, property. Retrofitting is a manner of allowing better maintenance with advanced servicing and solutions. With the installation of or replacement with the latest hardware and/or system available along with real-time access to various verticals of data including predictive reporting, alerting and analysis, there’s an exponential drop in the downtime of your property. This additionally opens doors (and windows) to a more synchronized, organized and effective maintenance of your property all whilst enhancing the security of your property.

3. Technologically Advanced Enterprise

To deny technology advancement is to deny tomorrow. Be it our cellphones or home, we’ve all upgraded to a more recent, technologically advanced option over the years. Likewise, retrofitting brings the latest technology to your enterprise and along with it the pros of advancement. Be it through remote monitoring, real-time access, or big data analytics, retrofitting converts your property to a high-performing asset.

4. Futuristic, Maintainable Sustainability

While the initial cost and scope of retrofitting your property with advanced technology sound intimidating to the mind and wallet, it is actually a necessity to safeguard a more cost-effective and adaptable future for your property. As technology today is developed with the future in mind more than anything else, the integration of it opens up doors for easier upgrades without hassles and delay.

To question whether retrofitting is needed is to question whether development is required. As the world is moving towards a smarter future backed with technology integration into the smallest fragments in devices to larger scales through smart cities, retrofitting plays a crucial role in the development of sustainability in the brownfield.

As a leading Ecoxpert partner of Schneider Electric, GAMA Engineering is a pioneer in uplifting existing installations through smart sustainable solutions targeting challenges at the root. Over the years, we have retrofitted solutions across multiple prestigious and critical projects across various industries in the following systems:

GAMA Engineering provides retrofitting solutions on turnkey basis including dismantling existing systems and supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of retrofit solutions. Our customers include Developers, Airports, Hotels (learn more about cutting-edge energy solutions for the hospitality sector here), Hospitals, Commercial & Residential buildings, District Cooling Plants, Manufacturing Industries, Educational Institutions, and Power Utilities.

Still, wondering to retrofit or not? Simply get in touch with us at for a more detailed understanding.

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