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Guest Room Management Systems

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Why letting your guests control their experience is the optimum choice for you.

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Be it a vacation or a staycation; what is the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of our lodging experience? The location? The view? The interiors? The recreational facilities? The breakfast buffet? The room service? While these points do factor into our feedback eventually, it’s safe to say that the maximum impression is made by our residence of stay – the room. The facilities within; the ambience and our access to comfort through them. Let’s be honest, nobody likes it when controlling the lights in our room feels like a science project. Or when the room is either too cold or too hot with no middle ground located at our preference. As a guest, my room should be a place of relaxation. But, if we shift perspectives from the guest to the hotelier, catering to greater expectations would also mean greater expenditure. Studies show that even though 70% of the time, guest rooms are unoccupied, they account for 40-80% of the hotel’s energy consumption. Not to mention the omnipresent competition to provide the best customer experience.

So where does the marriage between exceptional guest experience and optimized energy consumption exist?

GRMS; Guest Room Management Systems

The Guest Room Management System enables not just lighting, temperature, curtain, and bedside panel control but integrates it with the door lock at the room level and with the building management and property management systems at the enterprise level.

What’s the hype, you still ask? You, as a guest, get to easily control your room environment with the added option of integrated control via your smartphone or tablet. While as a hotelier, you too have access to not just this control but the ability to remotely control and monitor the entire building, access real-time reports and, optimize your energy consumption based on occupancy.

1. Energy Efficiency

Statistics show that ranking high amongst expenses for hoteliers is energy consumption. A study conducted by Building Performance Institute Europe shows that building automation can reduce energy consumptions by a whopping 23%-27%. Through GRMS, hotel operators are provided demand control of various operational systems thereby giving massive savings through consumption control and operational efficiency.

2. Upgradable Compatibility

One of the best features of GRMS is its flexible installation – it can be retrofitted. While new and upcoming hotels get to incorporate this smart solution from day one itself, existing hotels have the luxury to upgrade their old systems to the more advanced, connected GRMS solution without any hassle or prerequisites. By leveraging technology through digital-interfaces with an array of personalization for guest and hotel operators ranging from in-room facilities and occupancy to property management systems, hotels aren’t restricted from greenery because they’re part of the brownfield.

3. Holistic Building Management

Split across three levels of control – the room, the floor and, the hotel – guest room management systems consist of an integrated network of smart devices and systems with a layered segregation of control. While the “guest room” in GRMS may make it seem as though the management is restricted to a “room”, with the integrated solution covering lighting, occupancy, HVAC, AV systems and, access control systems amongst others, AND further integration with the Property Management System (PMS), GRMS is a breakthrough, all-inclusive building automation solution in the hospitality sector.

4. Inexpensive Sustainability

Though the idea of investing in revolutionizing technology seems daunting and the comfort of old systems is easy to use as an excuse, contrary to this myth, guest room management systems actually lead to greater savings and lesser expenses. In fact, due to the immediate onset of savings and gratification, GRMS have an ROI of just 1.5 to 2.5 years!

5. Guest Satisfaction

“The customer is always right” Much like the saying, keeping aside all the technical milestones, all would be futile if there’s no improvement in the guest experience. With personalized ease and control laid out in a golden platter that even ticks the eco-friendly and, aesthetics checkboxes, GRMS does – without exaggerating – wonders for your guest experience.

Now, more than ever, with a GRMS in place, guests can enjoy a personalized ambience that caters to their safety best while hoteliers excel in customer satisfaction with increased savings instead of pinched pockets. As a leading global Schneider Electric Hotel Expert, GAMA Engineering is a pioneer in uplifting the hospitality industry with our smart sustainable solutions targeting the hub of challenges. Over the years, we have provided energy management solutions to renowned names in the industry such as Wyndham, Hilton, Kempinski and, Holiday Inn. Are you a hotelier looking to upgrade your energy management system? Let us help you. Send us your enquiry at and schedule your free demo today!

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