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Power Management: EMS at Core

How managing your power results in major energy savings along with operational and cost-efficiency

ᴀɴᴏᴜsᴋᴀ sᴀʜᴀʀᴏʏ, JULY 04, 2021


If put broadly, energy management or energy-saving consists of monitoring and controlling the energy consumption within the property or organization. This means

  1. Knowing your energy consumption

  2. Identifying energy-saving opportunities

  3. Quantifying approximate expected energy savings

  4. Tracking the progress through an analytical understanding

Although Energy Management System (EMS) has been a long time incorporation in our operations, with major advancements in power resources and power consumption, it is important to understand the critical contribution power management plays in the same. In fact, a major section in Energy Management lies in Power Management solutions.

As long time power management solutions provider here’s some more insight into how power management brings significant energy conservation, operational insight and cost savings to the table.

Facilitating Growing Demands Smartly

With the growing number of processes that are power sensitive and facilities increasing in power sources, density and criticality, the demand of and from Power Management Systems has evolved over time, and innovation in terms of product and service is developing rapidly as well to cater to the needs. Not only has there been a requirement for a preventive approach to the services provided through technological support but power distribution systems have moved up to join the “smart” systems club as well.

We’re now looking at interconnected critical electrical assets such as LV & MV switchgears, motor control centers and power quality systems that can be monitored remotely 24/7 along with supporting analytic insights into the health and support services through softwares available even on your smartphone and/or tablet. In fact, as smart panel providers ourselves, we’re able to provide SMART features to our clients covering:

  • Remote monitoring & operations (RMS)

  • Critical alerts and, alarms

  • Equipment health

  • Breaker status (On/Off and Trip)

  • Integration with humidity and, temperature sensors

  • Remote monitoring of various electrical parameters

  • 3rd party devices & softwares integration

  • Condition-based analytics

  • On-call support

Smart Asset Management

With the integration of softwares and cloud data management, power distribution systems come equipped with asset and/or facility management features that transform data collected into not just actionable insights but, further supports actionable recommendations and onsite support. Your equipment health is managed and maintained through cloud-enabled predictive analysis and expertise. In fact, based on the latest technology merging mobile App, Web platform, IoT, and AI today, our power management system helps you deliver valuable services to optimize operation, monitor energy and control equipment remotely in single or multi-site building(s).

3rd Party Integration – Inclusive Even Through Exclusive

While frameworks could be proprietary or open, a key feature in boosting the incorporation of power and energy management systems across a growing range of important applications relevant to all facilities has been the use of an open protocol. With open protocol power management solutions on rise, 3rd party software integration of any system onto the overall power management system can be done seamlessly through a common IP platform. As system integrators with open protocol power and energy management solutions, we’ve seen a growing scope of functionality, ease, and analytic insight that can be provided to clients through 3rd party software integrations in the greenfield and even more so in the brownfield.

Power Management Is A Consumer Solution

While the benefits of PME is stark in the industrial and commercial aspect of property ownership, contrary to popular belief, it is additionally very much a consumer solution with significant benefits.

Earlier in the year, while working on a custom home automation solution at one of the luxury villas in the D1 Community, it came to our attention that the owners were facing the dilemma of a massive DEWA bill that didn’t match up to their consumption at all. Our utility bills tell us how much we’re consuming and how much that’s costing us but there’s no provision in place that tells us how much we’re consuming where.

Here’s where our Power Management Solution comes into place.

Through a complete solution that includes a meters system, cloud computation, remote management and integration with the home automation system, our proposed solution provided:

  1. Detailed breakdown of power and water consumption with a targeted approach.

  2. Provision to detect previously undetected water leakages

  3. Remote and easy monitoring of systems comparatively difficult to access such as the water system, as well as pump & heater system.

  4. Significant savings through reduced utility bills

As an individual non-business consumer, if we had to vaguely put our exposure to “energy/power savings”, the incorporation is often limited to the bulbs we use, the electronic appliances in place and an eco-friendly attitude of manually managing and controlling our power and water consumption. However, even in the broad sense, many consumer solutions, such as intelligent lighting control systems, cater to power monitoring and control.

Today, a preventive-predictive, condition-based power management solution is required that can provide an insightful understanding and operation of our power systems be it for distribution, management or quality. GAMA Engineering provides all-round power and energy management solutions and services that cover the advancing requirements with time and helps you optimize and uptime your facility and facilitate the continuous update of safety enhancements, reliability, sustainability and efficiency of the system through key technological features such as data analytics, operational & management softwares, visual insights, 3rd party integration, and SCADA engineered systems amongst others.

No property is ever too small or too big for energy-saving. Our power management solutions cater to every aspect of the grid across all industries be it Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Educational Institutions, Renewable Energy & Waste-to-Energy Facilities, District Cooling Plants, Manufacturing Industries, Oil & Gas Storage or Processing Facilities and Power Utilities.

Contact us at for a more detailed understanding on you can manage your power distribution and quality even better.

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