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This Diwali Defeat the Demons from Home; at Home

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The Diwali gift list of 2020.

ᴀɴᴏᴜsᴋᴀ sᴀʜᴀʀᴏʏ, ɴᴏᴠ 𝟷𝟶, 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟶


The year 2020 has brought us uncertainty, chaos and reality in abundance. But more than ever it has brought us humility to be living in the age of technology and the opportunities of reconnecting with humanity. With the roads and rooms beyond our doors proving to be red areas, we’ve retreated back to our homes and created our outside worlds within.

We’ve grown smarter and so have our homes.

As the world is settling into the new normal, and the festivals haven’t cancelled their flights home, this Diwali, let’s defeat the demons from home; at home with a little thank you to our homes. Instead of cutlery, bed sheets and curtains, gift your home technology, connectivity and sustainability.

Here’s our list of gifts to brighten your Diwali this year:

1. Intelligent Lighting

It’s the festival of lights and this had to be the first item on our list. While the traditional diyas, and colourful rice lights are a staple, take your lights up a notch with smart bulbs, dimmers, smart switches and integrated controllers. Imagine being able to set the luminance of your lights to match the natural lighting in the room at that point of time or automatic illumination based on your motion or being able to control the colour of the lighting? There’s more to lighting than switching light on and off. Check our range of intelligent lighting control to invest in lighting that are guaranteed to celebrate light beyond the festive season.

2. Smart Thermostats

One amongst the must have smart devices at home, much like lighting control, the smart in thermostats have taken our control over temperature to great extents. From simple non-modulating to manual modulating to automatic modulation or wired to wireless, one of the best advancements in smart thermostats is its feature to adapt to one’s temperature preference or even occupancy. What’s more is the by-product savings along with its comfort factor. Find your choice of temperature control in our range of solutions here.

3. Surveilled Entry

There’s nothing better than a good, safe and secure home. While we often focus on upgrading the security within our homes, we overlook the security of access. Even the simple struggle to know who’s at the door – be it because the keyhole was beyond reach or the ultimate caricature of the visitor didn’t ring a bell – is a sign of lacking defence against potential threat. Upgrading your access system at home – even if it’s a simple upgrade to an AV supported doorbell or intercom; or introducing burglar alarms, and CCTVs addresses not just ease but does magnitudes more for one’s safety. Enhance your home’s security this Diwali with us.

4. Sensors

Motion based lighting, occupancy indicators, or unlocked or open windows and door alarms aren’t just luxurious upgrades to your home anymore. From ease and security to sustainability and savings, there’s a well of benefits to installing sensors in your household. Be it simple motion controlled lighting to crucial smoke detectors, sensors are an absolute must. If you’re skeptical, think about the situation where there’s been a water leakage – would you rather be alerted immediately when the damage is yet to begin or discover it later after the damage has been done? Check out our vast range of sensors to optimize your home this Diwali.

5. Home Automation System

You’ve moved on to smarter appliances at home but their full potential isn’t until you’ve introduced them to an automation system. Having smart lighting and automatic curtain raisers are great individually but what’s greater is being able to dim your lights, raise your curtains AND play your favourite songs automatically to accompany the sunset WITHOUT moving a muscle by some simple predefined conditions YOU set on your home automation system. Or quite simply being able to moderate the temperature in the other room or unlock the main door from the kitchen. Apart from the seamless integration and easy access and control of your smart devices, home automation systems are your pool of savings and sustainability through all the insights you could ever need in the functioning of your home. Here’s more on why your home needs to be smart. Ready to make your home smart? Transform your home to a smart home with our superior home automation solutions.

Want to learn more about smart homes? Get in touch with us!

GAMA Engineering is a leading pioneer in customized ELV and Automation solutions. With almost two decades of certified expertise, bouquets of products and solutions and experience, GAMA Engineering plays a crucial role in bringing sustainability to establishments in the commercial, residential and industrial space - be it the greenfield or the brown. We take pride in our dedicated customer-centric approach to problem solving and would love to walk you through our range of solutions and how they would benefit you.

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